Photo credit: City of Burnsville, MN and Barr Engineering Co

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The Master Water Stewards program is a partnership between the Freshwater Society and participating Cities, Watershed Districts and non-profits. (See a list of participating organizations here)

The Master Water Stewards program certifies and supports community leaders to install pollution prevention projects that educate community members, reduce pollutants from polluted runoff, and allow more water to soak into the ground before running into storm sewer systems. Wherever you live, you can make a real difference in the health of our waters.

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Everything on city streets flows to our water- bacteria, salt, litter, sediment, fertilizer. Each year, more polluted runoff reaches our lakes and rivers faster, causing flooding downstream. Pollutants are not being filtered or broken down by passing through the soil, making water dirtier. Your yard is connected to rivers, lakes, and streams.

Learn how neighbors in your community are working to keep water clean in their own yards

What is a watershed?

Just like in your kitchen sink, water runs and drains to the lowest point. A watershed is an area of land that catches rain, snow and other precipitation, and drains all the water to the lowest point, in this case, a lake, river or stream. And just like Minnesota is divided into counties, watersheds are divided into smaller areas of land called sub-watersheds. Minnesota has 81 major watersheds. Your watershed is one of Minnesota’s approximately 5600 sub-watersheds.

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